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there's a lot happening in our effort to do our bit on the environmental awareness front, will try our best to update you here and via our social media accounts



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We're collecting the following items

If you regularly throw out any of below items or know someone who does, please keep them on the side and let us know by filling out this form so we can collect them from you to use in our upcycling workshops:

bubble wrap | old magazines | fabric | bottle caps |

massage/ business cards | empty cigarette packs


Are you a design/engineering, research, social engagement, or media professional looking to make a difference? 

Become a member today and participate in one of our working groups: ​research, design/ engineering, social engagement, and media. 

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لقد انضممنا الى مبادرة شباب تويتر للخير التي تعتبر الاولى من نوعها في دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة، و التي اطلقتها المؤسسة الاتحادية للشباب

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twitter has collaborated with the UAE’s Federal Youth Authority on an initiative and we’re participating in it!