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لنكافئ انفسنا على مسؤوليتنا البيئية
let's reward ourselves for our environmental responsibility

شاركنا تجربتك و سنقوم بنشرها لتحفيز الآخرين. اربح نقاطاً بيئية

share your experience with us and we'll publish it to encourage others. earn eco points


The pictures we take are a reflection of things as they are. More often than not, many of us are too busy to reflect on what is in front of us. If we don't acknowledge the present, how can we work on the future? 

If you would like to host any of our pictures in a place with busy people, let us know


Partner with Us

Our interest is in promoting environmental and social accountability through research and workplace/ community activations.

One of our current projects is in partnership with Sharjah Environment Company LLC - Bee'ah, a pilot project for source segregation of waste. 

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“The intelligence we need the most right now is human, and the reality we need to be giving attention to, is the current.”

Safi Roshdy


اهلا و سهلا

"hello and welcome" or "nice to meet you"

an environmental and social community engagement initiative

aiming to bring sustainability to the forefront of the conversation

we offer knowledge and experience exchange, leading by example

we stand for sustainable arab hospitality


Internship open

We can't promise you diamonds while we're chiseling rock but our work is taking us places and we're taking on interns.

Commitment: 14 days x 4 hours invested into implementing community engagement initiatives in the UAE.      

To apply please fill out the form below. 

Apply by: January 24

Notified by: January 28

Onboarding: 1 February