بادر معنا

Make it happen

Our interest is in promoting environmental and social accountability through research, advocacy, campaigning and workplace/ community activations.

To operate legally in the United Arab Emirates we operate as a privately registered entity. To cover our outreach expenses, we cannot accept donations and have therefore recently introduced paid membership plans starting at less than $1 a month. 

Here are 4 things you can do (click below):


1. Become a member: Learn more about our activities, sign up and get rewarded for doing good. Click here

2. Partner with us: Host our discussions, workshops, activations or artwork in a place with busy people. Click here

3. Intern with us: gain insight into the work of a local non-governmental organization working to advance positive social and environmental impact. Click here

4. Get in touch: Let us know how else you would like to be involved. Click here

How to say


The phrase means "hello and welcome" or "nice to meet you" in Standard Arabic and is used colloquially and in formal situations across the Arab world.

We chose the phrase to represent what we do because we would like to bring environmental and social responsibility to the forefront of the conversation.

Want to learn Arabic or practice the Arabic you know in a friendly environment? 

Join one of our upcoming "Sorry, I don't speak English" sessions.

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Earn points.

Since we're doing good we might as well be rewarded for it. 

Points are tallied every month and a winner is announced on the first day of the next month.

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