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On Animals and Protection

When we are upset with somebody, we sometimes resort to calling them out as animals...

I went to the beach this morning to put my feet in the water. The water was clear and calm and as I was quietly observing the ebb and flow, I noticed the cutest sea shell. I thought about picking it up but it began moving. It was the most precious thing I’ve encountered all week. I looked around my feet and there were more of them tiny shells with animals protecting themselves inside while moving. It was wonderful. I treaded lightly. A couple of steps ahead my daydreaming ended. I found a washed up condom.

I continued to walk and I found a discarded mask. I did not intend to come here for a cleanup. There were people around and they did not seem to mind, or maybe notice? A couple were being professionally photographed, a man had his paddle board set up ready to take on the sea right next to the discarded mask, and a father was playing with his toddler right next to the condom.

Sex on the beach is illegal in Dubai, fines are in place for littering and as one can tell from the fresh bag of collected trash, municipality custodians are constantly combing the beach clean. This washed up trash could have also originated on a boat and made its way here.

When we are upset with somebody, we sometimes resort to calling them out as animals, but animals do not produce non-biodegradable protective gear. Medical masks, condoms and cigarette butts are all single use plastic.


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