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Can't join our weekly cleanups?

Although we would love to meet you, here’s what you can do, by yourself.

We’re meeting again for a community cleanup this week like we did every week for the past 2 years around the Emirates. The only time we stopped was during the lockdown and we got right back to work when we could be out again.

You don’t brush your teeth or wash your face once a year (or once a week for that matter?), so we cannot rely on one day a year to make a point that we need to care for the environment 🙂

You can upport our local community work by signing up or having your colleagues sign up to help in your Emirate. Our community cleanups are not restricted to any one particular day of the week and we try to have one in each of the 7 Emirates at least once a month.

But if you still cannot find the time to meet, although we would love to meet you, here’s what you can do, by yourself:

  1. Find gloves (preferably washable and reusable) you already have at home. If you already have a litter picker you can also put it to use. 🧤

  2. Find a reusable and washable bag or bucket at home. You can also use a disposable bag which you already have at home but try your best not to buy or use a new disposable bag.

  3. If you are under 21 make sure your parent(s) or a legal guardian is involved. 👶🏻

  4. Decide how much time you would like to dedicate to the cleanup activity. ⏳

  5. Put on comfortable protective clothing, footwear and wear adequate sun protection. No branded outfits please: our community initiative is too precious to be hijacked by any brand. 🧢

  6. Take into account that contracting Covid-19 is still a risk and abide by the local regulations. 😷

  7. Pick a public space close to where you live that you find littered with anything big or small (cigarette butts count). 🚬

  8. Decide how you would like to document your cleanup, either by taking pictures with your phone before and after or as you are picking. Make sure you don’t touch your phone or personal items with the gloved hand you’re using to pick up the trash. 🤳

  9. Cleanup that space to the best of your ability. Don’t over exert yourself, every little bit helps. 😮‍💨

  10. You can sort out the trash by type and note down or take a clear picture of what you collected. 📝

  11. Decide whether or not most of what you collected is actually recyclable. Find a local municipality or waste management bin to dispose of the trash and take a picture of where you disposed of your trash. 🚮

  12. Make sure to take off your gloves inside out and have them, along with any bags/equipment you used, properly washed and sanitized for the next cleanup. 🧼

  13. Don’t forget to wash and sanitize your hands! 🛀

  14. Send us your footage for our feedback and to share with the community. This is the phone number to text or call 0501510375, this is our e-mail: and our social media accounts are listed at the bottom of our website: 📫

Please remember that the purpose of this activity is to raise the level of environmental awareness through leading by example. We recognize the work done by the custodians in charge and this is our way of showing our appreciation (during the very limited time we are dedicating to helping out) and our commitment to documenting and addressing the problems associated with the waste which finds its way into our open environment and presents potential harm to terrestrial and marine life.

Feel free to right click to save and share.


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