Why pay for fireworks when we can turn off the city lights?

Let's do this for NYE 2022

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Reasons why we are doing this


The chemicals used in most fireworks are the same ones found in explosives.


The source of the August 2020 Beirut explosion was dozens of bags of fireworks.


For individuals who have witnessed gun violence or who have served in the military, fireworks may trigger their PTSD.


Airborne particles from fireworks have been found to deplete lung defenses far more than pollution from traffic sources.


Fireworks represent a danger both to animals who live in areas where they explode, or in relatively distant locations when the wind transports the harmful particles released on explosion.


Particle pollution in the air has been found to eventually deposit on the ground and get washed into lakes and rivers.


Many birds who flee from their nests due to the sounds of fireworks do not know how to return to their nests once the noise ends, which leaves many of their young helpless.