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Internship Opportunity: Intelligence Intern (online)


Organization: ahlanwasahlan think tank llc


Duration: 28 - 35 hours per week


About the organization: 


ahlanwasahlan think tank llc is a human intelligence led outreach initiative and watchdog on environmental and social impact, established in the United Arab Emirates in 2017. Our work involves public and private stakeholders and takes place across disciplines, including business, hospitality, F&B, retail, art, design, academia, media and waste management. 


About the internship: 


The position will provide the intern with a well-rounded insight into the work of a local non-governmental organization, operating within the legal framework of the United Arab Emirates, and exploring creative avenues to prompt critical thinking and advance positive social and environmental impact. 


Primary responsibilities include: 

  • Documenting research on the environmental, social, economic, cultural, global and community-specific implications of existent and/or proposed policies, while exploring challenges and alternatives;

  • Developing and producing community-specific social engagement programs while defining and addressing the challenges involved in their implementation, and success; 

  • Collating a weekly brief of environmental and otherwise related global and local news; 

  • Conducting daily community outreach communication runs for membership development. 


Primary learning outcomes include: 

  • Change management among stakeholders of a diverse demographic;

  • Cause advancement and policy nudging in the absence of political avenues for involvement; 

  • Conflict of interest assessment in the work of existing public, private, non-governmental and other institutions; 

  • Creative grassroots marketing where independent local media is lacking. 

To apply please e-mail

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