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ahlanwasahlan: Who We Are

Earn points.

Since we're doing good we might as well be rewarded for it. 

Points are tallied every month and a winner is announced on the first day of the next month.

Begin earning points by signing up.         

If you would like to reward the winners, get in touch!

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Say NO to Fireworks!

Ask that your city not resort to fireworks or light shows on New Year's Eve, and instead turn off all unnecessary city lights.

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Still Printing


Synthetic fibers, including recycled PET fabric, shed microplastics, which invisibly pollute our air, water and food. 

Partner with US

How to say

The phrase means "hello and welcome" or "nice to meet you" in Standard Arabic and is used colloquially and in formal situations across the Arab world.

We chose the phrase to represent what we do because we would like to bring environmental and social responsibility to the forefront of the conversation.

Want to learn Arabic or practice the Arabic you know in a friendly environment? 

Join one of our upcoming "Sorry, I don't speak English" sessions.

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